Treehopper 3 in 1 Climbing Belt

Treehopper 3 in 1 Climbing Belt

Med is for waist sizes 25-34", Large is for waist sizes 35- 44" and XL is for waist sizes 44- 54". Bigger than that, lay off the biscuits and gravy...just kidding we'll do custom sizes. Mark

Price: $59.95

The Treehopper climbing belt was designed to use as a climbing belt that allows hands-free installation of hang-on tree stands and steps. May be used on trees up to 28” in diameter. The Treehopper belt was also designed to be used as a safety belt that allows quick and easy adjustability along with high strength. The Treehopper belt can also be used as a deer-drag. Anchored at your hips through the ‘D’ rings the weight of the animal is where your strength is, not over your shoulders – which can cause lower-back strain. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, the Treehopper belt is manufactured to exacting standards by craftsman in the good ole USA. Here is what makes the Treehopper belt the strongest and most practical belt you can find.

The belt material is two-ply black nylon, military style webbing that is rated over 8,000 lbs. It is double reinforced at the ‘D’ rings. The belt is machine sewn with heavy-duty nylon thread.

The cord is manufactured with ½” hollow-braid polypropylene, rated at 3,250 lbs.

The hook is high-quality steel, drop forged and rated at 5,000 lbs. It is equipped with a spring-loaded safety latch that ensures the hook will not accidentally detach from the ‘D’ ring.

The ‘D’ rings are welded high-quality stainless steel for long life and to maximize safety.

Size: Waist in Inches
Medium 25″-34″
Large 35″-44″
X-Large 45″-54″